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What clients say about me?

Sukumar is a committed and passionate photographer, who has dedicated over 3 decades to his profession. Sukumar's Mad Clicks is a memorable collection of pictures clicked over the years and is a tribute to the man's abundant talent.
Mr Sukumar, well known as Sports Photographer is known to me from close quarters for the past 15yrs. He has put his camera to speak on many occasion using his talent.Covering the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Asian Games, Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, besides enriching many other events which enthralled lakhs of viewers around the globe over 30yrs. He did not stop here, he dedicated all his enterprising sports photograph to reach people in all walks of life, on such one occasions at Chennai.
Mr Seshadri Nathan Sukumar is a committed and passionate photographer. We have had an opportunity to go through his portfolio of photographs taken at various sporting events the Olympic Games, Asian Games, FlFA, ICC, CWG & lPL. The photographs are of an exceptionally high quality. They reflect a skilled eye, & a tremendous talent that has been honed by his many yrs of exp in covering sport, visually. He captures the many moods of his subjects and the action on the field with great dexterity.
I have known Sukumar for more than 30yrs.He is an outstanding sports photographer with an eye for minute details. He has covered the Olympics, Asian Games, FIFA, ICC,CWG & many other events which has captured the imagination of viewers all over the world. One of his recent exhibitions held in Chennai, had to be extended due to public request especially from reputed Olympic athletes & other internationals. He has traveled extensively all over the world covering sports events.
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